Mandarava and Tsalung Practice Retreat

We invite you all to come to Dzamling Gar and join our upcoming retreat of Mandarava. The program is already available on our website.

Every day we will practice a long version of the practice in the morning and the short one in the afternoon. There will also be additional practices in the early mornings in Jyagyip for those who want to practice more intensively.

We scheduled few sessions of explanation of the practice by Nina Robinson.

Fabio Andrico, Elio Guarisco and Nina Robinson will help us to practice the Tsalungs of Mandarava in a correct way.

Those who want to precisely study the tibetan text of the long practice, will have possibility to do so by going through the correct pronunciation and meaning of each word guided by tibetologist, Fabian Sanders.

The main sessions of the retreat will be available via webcast and we invite you all to sponsor the organization of this event. Your donations, apart from being a wonderful act of generosity, are our main source of income and we need them to continue our activities.

Kind regards,
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

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