Retreat 2015

Hellenic Dzogchen Community

invites you to join us for Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s  “Ati Lam-ngon” Teaching Retreat in Athens.

Venue: Congo Palace Hotel
81 A Poseidonos Avenue,
16674 Glyfada – Greece

check the map here

Download retreat flyer here  (NEW !!!)

Dzogchen is not a tradition, or a sect, it is the primordial state of the individual, total relaxation in the state of Dharmakaya, the “Great Perfection”, the unfabricated nature beyond mind and its limitations. A Dzogchen master gives oral and symbolic instructions and introduces directly the non-dual state to the interested individual. Dzogchen or the “state of self-liberation”, although beyond religious doctrines and belief systems, is considered to be the quintessence of all Buddhist teachings, the treasure of the enlightened ones, a complete non-gradual vehicle to total illumination. It is also a knowledge necessary for all individuals who wish to live a life with fewer tensions, greater simplicity and internal freedom from all limitations.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, a living “Terton”,  great scholar and researcher of the original Tibetan culture, is one of the greatest living holders of the knowledge of “Ati”, The Primordial Yoga. In this 5 day retreat, on the coast of Athens, he will give general instructions on Dzogchen, and the special preparatory method “Ati Lam-ngon” from his unique  cycle of “the Longsal Terma” teachings.



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