Dear Vajra sisters and brothers

who would like to enjoy the adventure of being embraced by the sky and earth, here is the list of organised events. Of course, you are most welcome any other time.


5th – 19th February – Mandarava Practice & Stupa Mantra Roling

23rd – 29th April – Permaculture Design Course with Saviana Parodi

28th May – 1st June – SMS Base Course – part II – with Gabriella Schneider

1st – 9th June – Karmayoga Gathering and Tsa-tsa Workshop

21st – 23rd June – Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings with Eleonora Folegnani

27th June – 2nd July – Green Tara and Ödzer Chenma Retreat with Oliver Leick

7th – 14th July – Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra Beginners' Course – part I – with Stoffelina Verdonk

(We will soon confirm if we can organize a course for the second part starting 16/17 July)

4th – 8th August – The Six Special Mindtrainings (Lojongs) – Public Retreat with Elias Capriles

28th August – 1st September – Drajyor and Khaita Course – with Fabian Sanders and Monika Walczak

2nd – 7th September – Tibetan Language Beginners' Course with Fabian Sanders

Hope to see you all here at the Black Sea.

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