July 6th Green Tara 24 hours global chain

Dear Vajra Family,


On July 6th from 0:00 until 24:00h (GMT+0)

24 hour Green Tara Global Chain!


This practice is dedicated to our Vajra family in Venezuela but also to all the people who are living hard times in different places of our Planet. There is a big number of difficult situations that we see and live every day everywhere. Our beautiful Earth is in a delicate situation: oceans, forests, air, animals and people are suffering…


We are a Vajra Family and we have the Precious Teachings, the biggest treasure. Let’s apply them in our daily life, alone or accompanied, with our body, speech and mind.


*July 6th is birthday of H.H Dalai Lama. Let’s dedicate this practice as well to His good health and long life!!!*

Let’s join our energies for the benefit of all sentient beings!


Do you want to participate?


1. Register by filling the following questionnaire: http://pt.dzogchen.es/event/24-hours-green-tara-practice  Please check you choose your time in (GMT+0) Click here to check it: timezone converter 

2. We suggest that each practitioner, or group, do the Anuyoga GREEN TARA practice. In order to not to break the chain, it is necessary to start at least 10 minutes before the established time of registration in order to complete the Preliminaries (9 breathings, Purification of the 5 elements and Refuge & Bodhichitta).

Then we sound TAM and we manifest as TARA, and we do recitation of the essential mantras for 65 mintues (the established time of registration): OM TARE TAM SVAHA for 30 minutes  &  OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA for 35 minutes.

Finally, we continue with the Song of Vajra and Dedications.

If you have the possibility, after singing the Song of Vajra you could dance the Vajra Dance that Benefit Beings or another Vajra Dance, or other Dances according your circumstances. After Vajra Dance we dedicate the merits.


3. If the registration is done by a group of people, we ask the person registering to write the name of the Ling or Gar and once the practice is finished, we kindly ask them to send us the total number of participants of the group to: globalchain@dzogchen.es

May this practice fill all the space and dissolve all obstacles into emptiness.




Practicing Together Team

All together in the same state. All together purifying our Samaya.

All together keeping the Precious Teachings in our heart.

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