Astrology and art workshop

We are very excited to introduce this course which will happen in Dzaling Gar very first time!
Dynamic Space of Elements: 
paint your nature, increase your benefits”
Astrology and art workshop with Migmar Tsering
The basic calculation of the elements serves to develop the knowledge related to Tibetan astrology and sa-che (Tibetan geomancy). Drawing the five elements in their symbolic aspect is a method that mainly serves to harmonise the elements that are not in harmony at the time of one’s birth, and to relax the mind while producing an object of great ornamental value.  Watch the video here.
Part 1 (Dec 17-19)
– What does it mean to calculate the elements
– Calculating your elements according to your date of birth: understanding your conflicts and weaknesses
– Basic design of the symbolic shapes of the elements and how to develop a mandala of the elements
Part 2 (Dec 20-22)
– Individual calculations to create your complete mandala of the elements
Migmar Tsering
Migmar was born and grow up in Lhasa. Since 1987 he has been studying with the master Chos Nyid Rinpoche in his monastery for more than six years, where he learned traditional Tibetan art, astrology and sa-che (Tibetan geomancy). Migmar has participated in decoration of the main Tibetan temples such as Samye and Jokhang. Having moved to Italy 20 years ago, Migmar continued developing the various aspects of traditional Tibetan art and related sciences.
Daily schedule: 10.30 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 16.30
Price: €120 for IDC members, €200 for non IDC members
Drawing and painting materials: you can bring yours or buy a set at the course, we will provide more information on this soon.
The course will be in English.
You can pre-register here. The number of participants is limited.
More about the course:
Why is it necessary to harmonise the elements related to one’s birth? Everything, internal and external, is made up of the five elements. Internal refers to every sentient being, the external to everything that appears. When these elements are in harmony everything goes ahead in the best possible way, when they are in conflict life is shortened and the capacity, health and fortune are diminished. But harmony can be restored and rediscovered. There are various methods to harmonise the discordant elements: some are general, such as the four methods of development and the namkha which favor the harmony of the elements of all four personal aspects (life, body, capacity and fortune). Others, however, are specific methods to harmonise some of these aspects: for example the lungta harmonise above all the elements related to fortune, and the tarchog, according to the mantras written on them, eliminate obstacles and lengthen life .But how does the principle of design work? There have always been two methods for communicating and developing knowledge: on one hand the sound and the words, on the other the image and the drawing . This applies both to practical and to symbolic aspects. For example, in the tantric teachings the teacher shows a drawing in order to transmit the energy and the potentiality of the mandala depicted in the image . The drawings of the five elements have also been used since ancient times in order to harmonize the elements themselves, but they are not widespread because they make use of both astrological and artistic knowledge. Astrology and art, however, are not usually studied together because astrology is often associated with medicine, while art has developed above all in an ornamental sense and to reproduce images of the masters and the deities. In fact, in order to make the drawings of the elements, one must first of all study basic astrology to understand which elements are disharmonious and how to harmonize them through drawing.

Consequently in order for these drawings to carry out their function correctly, they are personalized according to the year, month and day of birth and, like all tantric methods, require an attitude of trust and the intention to make use of this method, both when we make drawings in person and when we ask someone to make them for us. According to the principle of interdependence, seeing and being in contact with images created in this way, for example by placing them in an area of the house where we often see them, will harmonise the elements .

Making drawings personally under the guidance of a qualified instructor helps to calm the mind. In fact, the instructor teaches how to draw in a relaxed way, without fixations or anxieties, according to the characteristics of each student .

And of course the drawings are beautiful! We can really enjoy looking at them and we can use them to decorate our homes with extremely unique and auspicious images.


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