Seminar in Athens with Elias Capriles

Dear members of the International Dzogchen Community, 
we are delighted to announce that from Friday to Sunday 22th to the 24th of  February 2019 we are glad to host Elías Capriles, teacher of Santi Maha Sangh authorised by our Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and teacher of Philosophy at the Univercity of the Andes in


Elías is going to give examples of Dzogchen practices as
rushen and semzin, that allow us to have experiences that can help
discover our primordial state, rigpa. Following, he is going to clarify
the differences between rigpa and these holotropic experiences.
The seminar will take place at the center of the Greek Dzogchen
Community in Athens (68 Aiolou str, GR – 10559)
, in five sessions, starting Friday
afternoon and including morning and afternoon sessions for the following

Minimum suggested contribution to cover the expenses is 50 euros.
Contributions over 50 euros will help cover any costs that could not be
covered by people unable to contribute. No one should be excluded because of financial 
difficulties please contact us.
We hope to see everyone in February!

Garabling – The Greek Dzogchen Community

P.S. for any question or any other might concern you please contact 
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