In 1988 Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche founded A.S.LA. ONLUS NGO (Association for International Solidarity in Asia), an Italian ONLUS (Charity) and Non-Governmental Organisation recognised in 1999 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is mainly active in meeting the educational and medical needs of the Tibetan population in all 25 provinces of the original Tibetan homeland. ONLUS is an Italian acronym which means Non Lucrative Organization of Social Utility.

A.S.LA. has realized more than 200 projects and built 20 schools where 3,000 Tibetan children learn Tibetan language and Tradition.

In the year 2000 A.S.LA. turned to some primary intervention sectors: education, the artistic and cultural heritage, water, health, nomadism and the environment.


In 2001 A.S.I.A. signed a partnership agreement with ECHO (the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission) for emergency projects and, following a series of climate catastrophes in Tibet, started to intervene in aid of the populations struck by natural disasters.

The same years saw development of the work in Italy and Europe, with implementation of educational development projects to inform civil society of Tibetan culture and real condition along with the problems of other developing countries.

In recent years it was decided to widen the areas of intervention to other Asiatic countries and, following the catastrophe of the 2005 tsunami, ASIA became involved in post-emergency and development projects in Sri Lanka.

A. S.I. A. was the only foreign NGO admitted by the Chinese Government to aid and relieve the Tibetan population after the Qinghai earthquake, especially the Khampa nomad families in the autonomous Tibetan prefecture of Yushu.


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