Direct Transmission

The transmission of knowledge from master to disciple can be oral, symbolic or direct. The uniqueness of the Dzogchen teaching is the direct transmission or “direct introduction” in which the master and the student find themselves in the primordial state at the same moment through one of the experiences related to body, voice or mind. Due to the power of the transmission, the students are able to discover their own real condition in this way.
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu offers direct introduction three times a year, on the anniversaries of Garab Dorje, Guru Padmasambhava, and Adzom Drugpa.

In order to make it possible for people who cannot attend a retreat or come to a direct introduction in person, these direct transmissions are also offered by live webcast.

Gars and Lings often have live video broadcasts of the transmission explanations. Otherwise, you can also use our webcast system, which is open to all on these dates. The direct transmissions take place in July/August, November, and February/March – exact dates vary since they are based on the Tibetan lunar calendar.

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