The Hellenic Dzogchen Community – Garabling is a is a cultural non-profit organization representing the local community of students and practitioners in Greece.The life of the Community is vital and unique resources for the survival of the teachings and the development of our practice. Apart from specific fund raising activities, we rely on membership fees and generous donations for all of our running costs and overheads.

Those people who feel that they want to make a more concrete commitment and contribution to the community can apply for membership. When you become a member of the Hellenic Dzogchen Community – Garabling part of your subscription goes towards supporting Merigar East in Romania, which is our nearest ‘Gar’. In this way the monies raised support all the activities of the community, both in the Hellenic Dzogchen Community – Garabling and worldwide. Members also receive free newsletters and copies of the Mirror as well as get discounts on the cost of teaching and practice retreats.

The new link to apply for membership is

if you have any questions please contact with


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