A general view to the “secret valley” on the slopes of legentary Lycaeon Mountain in Arcadia, where the land of Hellenic Dzogchen Community is located. Our vision is to create a dzogchen practice retreat place in rural seclution for the students of Ch. Namkhai Norbu and, to this end, our Teacher has bestowed the name GARABLING on this place.

Garabling literally means “Place of Supreme Joy & Delight”. The word joy or delight here is referring to a sensation of unfabricated great delight that manifests spontaneously out of the Natural State. However, in relation to Arcadia too, this is also the most accurate term that could be used in describing the natural characteristics of the whole area and, most particularly, of the Lycaeon Mountain.

In early antiquity, Lycaeon was considered as the heart of Arcadia and its peak was the most sacred place of the ancient Arcadians. Lycaeon means “of the Light” or “luminous” (as in luc- or lux, etc.) and luminocity is an aspect essentially attributed to Zeus. According to mythology, Zeus was actually born on the top of this mountain and the surrounding areas were his playgroung as a child. The most ancient temples of both Zeus and Pan in Greece were found on this very mountain. Lately, however, archeologists have come to excavate tangible findings (i.e., everyday & ritualistic objects, etc.) of an even older civilization that we know very little about, which they call it a “pre-Zeus cult”.

In Renaissance literature, Arcadia became synonymous to some kind of imaginary idyllic rural paradise where people lived natural, simple and happy lives. Perhaps this poetic impression is not so far from truth. Nowadays, too, one can effortlessly sense a mild breeze of freshness and clarity along with a deep feel of peace and serenity when waking around the various Lycaeon areas.

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