Yantra-yoga retreat in Kharkov, Ukraine

yantra image

The yantra-yoga retreat with Igor Pinigin will take place during a weekend on 14th and 15th of September in Kharkov, Ukraine.
We will learn direct and indirect breathing, 5 different types of holds, tsadul pranayama, 1st and 2d group pranayamas, but
mostly we will focus on the kumbhaka and rythmic breathing.

The time table for the retreat:
14th and 15th of September we start at 11 and finish at 18 with short break in the middle,
after each evening session we will do a short tun of ganapuja.
The retreat is for actual DC members only.
Recommended offering is 20 euro
You are welcome.

For any questions, please contact directly to gakyil of Kharkov.


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