Yantra Yoga Intensive – Khandroling

August 10th-15th, 2015  at Khandroling


zMonday to Saturday Yantra Yoga Intensive
Instructors are Paula Barry, Martina Kacurova and Naomi Zeitz

Everyday we begin at 9:30, and go until 12:30. Afternoons are from 3-5 or 5:30. We will hold each session in the Vajra Hall.

We end on Saturday the 15th with just the morning session.

People who attend should have some basic knowledge of the 3 preliminary series of Yantra Yoga. Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and membership in the Dzogchen Community are required.

Cost For All Members: $210 or $50/day *

*Possible sliding scale for practitioners in need apply to Yellow and Blue Gakyil.

Register Online
Questions? Contact Harold: secretary@tsegyalgar.org 413-369-4153


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