Yantra Yoga Course in NYC

Kundrolling NYC would like to invite you to:


Weekend Yantra Yoga Course for Beginners

with Yantra Yoga Instructors authorized by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Fijalka Turzikova and Jeff Sable


What you will learn:  Vairocana Position, 9 Purification Breathings,

Tsigjong (Loosening the joints), Lungsang (8 movements), Vajra Wave

Dates:  June 14th – 16th

Friday 7 – 8:30pm

Saturday 10.00am – 12.30pm and 3:00 – 5:30pm

Sunday 10.00am – 12.30pm

Place: Kundrolling    Price: $35/session, $120/weekend


Continue with a 5 Week Follow Up Course

with Jeff Sable


What you will learn:  Review of Tsigjong & Lungsang, Vajra Wave,

continue with Tsandul (Yantras and Pranayama),  & Yantras of the First series


Tuesdays & Thursdays  from 7 – 8:30pm / Dates: June 20th, 25th,  July 11th, 16th, 23rd


Place: Kundrolling     Price: $100 course


Package Price for Weekend & Weekly Course: $200


Register Here:



Kundrolling – The New York Dzogchen Community  –  151 West 30th Street, near 7th Avenue New York City

Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest systems of yoga in the world. It is a superb method for attaining optimal

health and experiencing relaxation. The Movements of Yantra Yoga synchronize our breathing and movement

in rhythm which helps us to coordinate and harmonize our mind, body, and energy. This allows us to awaken

to our unique individual condition and develop a dynamic group and personal practice of health & healing.


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