Yantra Yoga Beginners Courses, Australia


on the SUNSHINE COAST, Queensland 

with Emily Coleing 2nd level Yantra Yoga instructor


Yoga Circle, Noosaville:

Free Yantra class at Open Day Sunday 24th AUGUST 

A taster of Open Level Yantra Yoga

Sunday 28th SEPTEMBER 2.30p.m- 5.30p.m

You will gain an overview of Open level Yantra. We will visit the preliminary groups:   


Chenrezig Institute, Eudlo, Queensland

Saturday & Sunday 4-5th OCTOBER 10.30-1pm, 3- 5.30pm

Community Hall

33 Johnsons Rd, Eudlo QLD 4554

Venue, food & accommodation enquiries & bookings:  (07) 5453 2108 

Course enquiries: 0404 717 557



Course enquiries and bookings with Emily

Tel:   0404 717 557    dorjeeling@gmail.com


Emily Coleing was authorised in 2003 to teach this ancient form of yoga by the Tibetan master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, who first taught it in the West in the 1970s. Since then she has taught Yantra yoga in Australia, Noumea, and New Zealand as well as Slovakia and France while living in Europe. She was certified as 2nd level in 2011. She teaches adults and children’s Yantra yoga.


Yantra Yoga Tibetan Yoga AusNZ Facebook

Yantra Yoga YouTube

DVDS & MANUALS  Available at Amazon, Fishpond, Shang Shung Institute Australia 

Learn Yantra yoga at home with this 2 part DVD set 


Yantra Yoga or the Yoga of Movement is an ancient system of Tibetan yoga based on the text The Union of the Sun and the Moon, written in the 8th century by the master Vairochana. It was introduced and taught in the West by master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu in the early 1970s. Yantra Yoga makes use of various types of movements and positions linked to different aspects of breathing in order to control and coordinate the vital energy or prana.

Since our physical and mental wellbeing depend mainly on the condition of our energy, by practising Yantra Yoga we can keep ourselves in good health and reach a calm, present and relaxed mental state which is the base for understanding our own real condition.

Emily Coleing
Dzogchen Community Yantra Yoga teacher

0404 7I7 557

Tibetan Yoga: coordinate breathing and movement to invigorate prana and relax your mind.

The Tibetan tradition of the “Union of Sun and Moon Yantra” by Vairocana is one of the oldest records of systems of Yoga that exists in the world. It has been brought to the West by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, a living Dzogchen Master. As an uninterrupted lineage, Yantra Yoga is a fundamental method to integrate the

profound essence of the Dzogchen Teaching in the three doors (body, voice and mind) of the practitioner. 
Through positions and movements combined with breathing, one’s energy is coordinated and harmonized so as to let the mind relax and find its authentic balance, which is the basis for profound contemplation.

5 Tsigjong (Loosening the Joints) 

8 Lungsang (Purifying the Prana) 

5 Tsandul (Control the Channels) as well as some of the groups of Yantras.

Open to all.  Basic level of fitness & flexibility required.

8 Thomas St, Noosaville QLD 4566

Venue enquiries:  0400 749 392 

Course enquiries:  0404 717 557


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