Yantra Yoga and Kumbhaka in Riga, Latvia

Open course

From 22 to 30 October Yantra Yoga course will be held in Riga, Latvia with certified instructor Zsolt Somogyvari (Hungary). He is officially authorized, second-level Yantra yoga instructor and exercises Yantra yoga since 2000.

He has led beginner and advanced courses in Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Hungary. The main principles of his approach are precise and safe usage usage of the body according to the capacities and possibilities of the person, recognizing the joy during the application and letting the mind settle down, and, of course, fun.


22-26 October 2013 – open course of Yantra Yoga

22.10 Tuesday 18:30-21:30

23.10 Wednesday 18:30-21:30

24.10 Thursday 18:30-21:30

25.10 Friday 18:30-21:30

26.10 Saturday 10:00-13:00; 15:00-18:00


Practice is aimed at learning at correcting:

9 breathings


Lungsang (8 movements)

Tsandul Yantras

1-st group Yantras

Vajra Wave


27-30 October 2013 – Clarification on Kumbhaka and its application in practice of 7th Lojong

This is wonderful opportunity for all practitioners of DC, including those, who for one or another reason is not engaging in Yantra Yoga practice, to learn and develop in practice capacity of Kumbhaka and use it in the 7th Lojong Practice.


27.10 Sunday 10:00-13:00; 15:00-18:00

28.10 Monday 18:30-21:30

29.10 Tuesday 18:30-21:30

30.10 Wednesday 18:30-21:30



Center of Riga, Latvia

Concrete location will be clarified later



Open course: 40 LVL (60 EUR), or 10 LVL (15 EUR) one session.

Closed course: 30 LVL (40 EUR)

Both courses: 50 LVL (70 EUR)


Remark – financial limitation should not be an obstacle to participation. Write us – and we can find solution!


Information and registration:




Arthur – e-mail  a.geisari@gmail.com, telephone- +371 29749101


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