Wangdenling needs your support


Dear vajra family!

Wangdenling  – (Slovakia) ( is a retreat center, which was founded with blessings of our precious master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu on the 6th January 2007. It is located in beautiful nature of White Carpathians with a view over the Bošáca valley. Its secluded location makes Wangdenling an ideal place for the practice in retreat. Since its foundation Wangdenling has been visited by several dharma masters – including Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, the head of Nyingma lineage, all of these masters have spoken of Wangdenling as of a place conducive for the practice and the transmission of the teachings. In order to fully realize the potential of Wangdenling, we will need your support.

Our vision for Wangdenling

Ever since dzogchen teaching came to the West, several retreat centers have emerged in Europe. However not many of them offer an opportunity to do a long time retreat or to do a retreat for a person with low income or without income, because the expenses and fees of the centre are too high. Our vision is to make Wangdenling into the center, which will be low cost, while keeping sufficient comfort for the practitioners and at the same time will provide facilities for the courses, empowerments and other events. Our center consists of:

  • Gonpa
  • Stupa
  • Old house with facilities

Completion of Gonpa – the project requiring support

At present we are completing the works on the Gonpa, which is already enclosed, bud we still need to finish:

– green roof

– wind proofing

– floor

– wiring and audio system

Several events with both instructors and Tibetan masters already took place in the Gonpa. Thanks to the completion of the works the Gonpa will be useable throughout the year and will enable organizing events with better standard. Therefore we ask you for the help with completion of this project which will greatly benefit the teaching and beings. You can support us by purchasing mandala parts.

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Thank you, your vajra family in Wangdenling.

Wangdenling trailer


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