Vajra Dance UK

Song of the Vajra Part One at Kunselling

Monday June 3rd 10.00am
Saturday June 8th

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This course is taught by Cindy Faulkner every two years and is a wonderful opportunity to begin or deepen your knowledge of Vajra Dance.
We will use the new dance floor at Kunselling for the first time!

 To take this course it is necessary to be a member of the Community and you can join prior to the Retreat by contacting our membership secretary Raf Portas:

All inclusive prices for 6 nights with food

Ordinary member £300
(Accommodation £72, Teaching £174, Food £54)
Kunselling Package £288
(Accommodation £60, Teaching £174 Food £54)
Reduced £234
(Accommodation £72, Teaching £108, Food £54)
Sustaining £150
(Accommodation £48, Teaching £48, Food £54)
Meritorious £84
(Accommodation £30, Teaching £0, Food £54)
Reduced Kunselling Package £222
(Accommodation £60, Teaching £108, Food £54)

If you know the Dance and wish to attend for less than the full course contact the Organiser
There is a reduction for those camping and those opting to stay off site.  If anyone wishes to attend this course and is finding finance an obstacle please contact the Dance Organiser in confidence to discuss options

To book please send a non refundable deposit of £30 via the Dzogchen Community website, see below

www.dzogchencommunityuk.orgClick here to join ukdzogcom the London and local news and discussion group for Dzogchen Community UK



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