Vajra Dance at Yeselling, Austria

VAJRADANCE OF THE SONG OF THE VAJRA for the first time in Yeselling in Austria.

What a wonderful way to start a new year doing a retreat in our beautiful Ling.


The course of the 1st part of the Vajradance of the Song of the Vajra with Elisha Koppensteiner will be from: January 1st – 5th 2014

The course of the 2nd part of the Vajradance of theSong of the Vajra with Elisha Koppensteiner will be from:  April 15th – 21st  2014

In order to participate in these courses one needs to be member of the Dzogchen Community and to have received the transmission of the Master.

These courses will be for beginners!



YESELLING in East-Styria in Austria


Offering for each part of the course:

Ordinary members: 190 Euro

Reduced members: 110 Euro

Sustaining members: 60 Euro

Meritorious members: free


For more information and the detailed program please contact us:

Visit also our website:


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