The movement of Pamo and Pawo in the Dzogchen Mandala-France


All persons who are interested to deepen their understanding of  the Dance of the Vajra

with a focus on   “the movement of Pamo and Pawo in the Dzogchen Mandala”



With  Luda Kislichenko et Stoffelina Verdonk


the 1st / 7th august


in  Dejamling – South of France


are invited to inscribe themselves for the course, by sending an email to


The course is open to all who know well the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra


The aim of the Dance of the Vajra is to integrate our Body, Voice and Mind of the individual in the state of contemplation. Contemplation is beyond ordinairy mind. This is the principal point.


We are dancing in the Mandala, the movement of Pamo and Pawo, very precisely described by our Master.

During the course we try to respect the timing and the direction of the movement, while relaxing in the sound, relaxing totally in instant presence, and discover our dancing together.

If we are distracted, we do our best to be in ordinairy presence opening pour awareness with all Pamo and Pawo present in the Mandala.


The course accepts a maximum  22 persons, so please do inscribe you as soon as possible:

sending an email to



Members : Ordinairy: 235 euro, weak ressources: 147 euro, Sustaining: 59 euro.



8 euro in dormitorium, 1 euro sheets

5 euro camping



We are busy trying to get a cook for 3 meals a day

probably: 10 euro vegetarien / 13 euro omnivore


Be most welcome to the Dance in our Ling of Infinite Bliss!!

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