Study Tibetan

The School for Tibetan Language and translation is organizing online courses suitable for students of different levels:
Are you a beginner or you need a refresh your Tibetan reading and pronunciation? Your adventure with Tibetan can start this weekend!
January 12th-13th
Introducing Tibetan language ONLINE
A course on Reading and Pronouncing Tibetan with Fabian Sanders.
This course introduces you to all you need to know to correctly read and pronounce the Standard Tibetan Language, starting from the thirty letters up to the full syllable. 
It is highly recommended to everybody who wants to follow also next courses! The classes will be recorded and made accessible to download for participants.
We will give you a general idea of how Tibetan pronunciation works, and then you will have the opportunity to go step by step watching again the class.
This is Module I in our Tibetan Language curriculum and is the base for continuing your studies. 
Venue: Online Zoom broadcast from Merigar, Italy.
Dates: January 12th-13th – 10-12 AM and 2-4 PM (CET)
Price: 45€/40£ 
Register here
For more infos write to
Following up, you may continue learning Tibetan Dharma Language more in depth with our weekend courses in London, also online
January 24-27th, Feb 21-24th and March 21-24th
Deepening Tibetan Grammar 
Continuing the study of Classical Tibetan grammar. We will focus on grammatical and syntactic connectors, verbs and verbal suffixes, complex sentences. All grammatical elements will be clarified using examples from classical texts and already covered grammar will be explained when encountered. 
This makes the course suitable also for students who just know how to read.
Fridays: 6.30 – 8.30PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 10.30 – 12.30AM and 2.00 – 4.00PM (subject to slight changes)
Are you able to read Tibetan and have a basic knowledge of Tibetan grammar? Follow our online guided translation focusing on “The Precious Vase”! 
Tibetan language course with excerpts from the Precious Vase 
A 2-hours online meeting every two/three weeks from 5-7pm (Italian time), Tuesday or Wednesday according to circumstances, in which we will focus on some parts of the Tibetan text of “The Precious Vase” by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and of extended excerpts from texts quoted therein. The ‘Precious Vase’ is an ideal text for the study of Tibetan language. It features numerous quotes from a variety of classical texts linked by passages in modern literary Tibetan. The topics discussed are ideal to form an important basic vocabulary of buddhist terminology.
Next excerpt will be about the importance of examining the Master
The first meeting, on January 15th, will be free and open to everyone! 
Write to to get the link for the zoom meeting.
JANUARY    Tuesday 15 and Thursday 31
FEBRUARY  Wednesday 20
MARCH        Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 20
APRIL            Wednesday 3 and Tuesday 16
Pease note that this is a Tibetan language course, not a Santi Maha Sangha course. Students need to be able to read Tibetan and must have basic knowledge of Tibetan grammar. The working language is English.
Join us! 
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