Seminar on meditation and contemplation in Venice

Meditation and contemplation


On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November Fabio Maria Risolo will hold a seminar in Venice, where he will introduce the principle of meditation and contemplation in the different Buddhist Tibetan traditions and in Dzogchen, combining explanations and practice sessions.

Traditional contemplative practices are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Besides being a great way to know oneself better, they help to reduce stress and anxiety, develop better focus and mindfulness, learn regulating one’s own emotions etc.

Many of these practices do not require escape from everyday life, moreover they are helping us in this life. 

The purpose of this seminar, both theoretical and practical, on meditation and contemplation is giving everybody the opportunity to feel the taste of contemplative practice outside specific religious or spiritual context. The seminar does not require any special preparation, comfortable clothes are recommended.

The seminar, organized by Gyamtsholing, will take place in the first floor (noble floor) of Palazzo Pisani – Cannaregio 6104, calle delle Erbe (Venice), Saturday from 10 to 12 AM and from 4 to 6 PM; and Sunday from 10 to 12 AM.

For participating,  early registration and a free offering are welcome.

With an extra contribute, Saturday lunch in Palazzo Pisani is offered.

For info and registration: cell (+39) 339 8020469, email

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