Prajñāpāramitā in the context of Dzogchen Phendeling (Czech Rep.)

The Czech Dzogchen community invites you to a course, called

Prajñāpāramitā in the context of Dzogchen practice
led by Igor Berkhin (Ukraine)
from Thursday, 8th to Sunday, 11th May 2014
in Phendeling, near Český Krumlov, Western Bohemia, Czech Republic (GPS 48.923925 N, 14.167776 E)
The retreat is open to all members of the Dzogchen community, the price for regular members is 64 EUR. Prices for other types of members, detailed information about the course and a registration form is available at:
(Google form)
You can also visit a public talk of Igor Berkhin, called “Application of meditation in our life: ancient Buddhist teaching in contemporary worlds”,
that takes place on Wednesday 7th May at 6 PM in Guru Village, Náměstí republiky, Plzeň (Pilsen). (map:
In case you are interested to participate don’t hesitate to contact us or fill the registration form directly, in that way you will be immediately informed in case any significant change happens.
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