New Rinpoche Video O.F.F.

Dear Vajra Family,

Thank you to all of you around the world for your amazing continued support of MY REINCARNATION! To give something back to all of you, we have just edited this playful video morselwith Rinpoche talking about his thoughts on art with artist and student, George Quasha:  O.F.F.#9 “DREAMS ARE ANOTHER ART!” This wonderful interview was filmed in 2008 in Conway, Massachusetts.

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We still have to keep up the good fight to release MY REINCARNATION in America and around the world. We have raised an amazing $40,000 out of the $50,000 goal for the USA Radio and TV Press Tour for Rinpoche. As we all know, Rinpoche is one of the last great Tibet trained Buddhist Masters left in the world. That is why it is so important to make sure the press can speak directly to Him about the film and the subject of Tibetan culture, Dzogchen and spirituality.

Here are some ways you can help raise the last $10,000! 

1. PARTICIPATE WITH A DONATION: Please Feel Free to Donate Any Amount Here on our Website (Note: if you prefer to make a tax-exempt donation, please write us at

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MY REINCARNATION continues to play in Cinemas across America, Germany, Austria and Switzerland – for listings check out our website:

Thank you so much for all your support of MY REINCARNATION! Sending Love to all around the world!

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