Mandarava-Tsalung retreat

Dear Vajra sisters and brothers from around the world,

Here come good news from Merigar East and a heartfelt invitation to join us!

Right in the middle of the Death & Impermanence retreat with Zoli this beautiful retreat with Elio started to manifest! It is the first time Elio Guarisco is visiting Merigar East and he is kind enough to stay with us for 6 full days and share his wisdom and experience regarding the Mandarava and Tsalung practices.

During this year when Rinpoche is not travelling so much, we are missing Him in our beautiful Gar at the Black Sea. We are very happy to have this second retreat this year, so we can all help the Gar to remain vibrant and alive!

Please do your best to arrive on 23rd or early morning on the 24th, so we can all start the retreat on the 24th in the morning!

We will have a practice schedule soon. Until then let, please find the retreat details down below:

The retreat will be based on the principle of generosity, according to everybody’s circumstances. Also sponsors are most welcome to contribute. The more participants, the less the cost per person and the greater the financial help for ME – as there won’t be a retreat with Rinpoche this year in ME.

The suggested minimum donation for this retreat is 60 EURO.

Accommodation will be in the village (prices vary, 10-20 euro/night), in the Multi-Functional House (Limited places! Register now to secure your place in a room – 5 EURO/person/night) or with the personal tent in the camping area (2 EURO/person/night).

There will be no catering. Each participant will coordinate his/her meals. We can spontaneously cook together in the camping kitchen or multifun house. We will take shopping lists when we go into town. There are also a number of restaurants on the beach we can enjoy. Allow around 10-20 Euros per day, depending on your preferences.

For this retreat we need the latest MANDARAVA TUN BOOK.
It can also be useful to have the book Mandarava Tsalung Practices.
Both books will also be available in the DharmaShop (15 and 21 Euros, respectively)

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