Mandarava in Dargyäling



with Nina Robinson and Marc
 van Westreenen

in Dargyäling, Cologne,

01-04 May 2014

This is a continuation of the
tsalung practices we began in the previous retreat in May 2013.

Only for members of the Dzogchen Community with transmission.
Not necessary to have participated to the previous Mandarava retreat.

Of course the aim of all our practices is total enlightenment – total freedom.  Specific Long-life methods and TSALUNGS have the aim of helping us to achieve that. Through working with positions, visualizations and breathing, the Tsalung practices enable us to integrate the state of instant presence in our body, voice and mind. Tsa means channels and lung generally means air but here refers to directing the dualistic karmic breathing into the central channel and keeping it there in the state of kumbhaka – the state of contemplation. These methods help us to become independent of the material elements and, more importantly, also to learn to enjoy experiences of emptiness, clarity and the sensation of pleasure without attachment and all its consequent negative emotions.

Through Yantra Yoga our body learns how to hold our breath in kumbhaka correctly and effectively and also how to lengthen the holding. This is essential to all Tsalung practices.

That is why we decided to offer this opportunity to do a Yantra Yoga course together with the Long Life Practice of Mandarava combined with the Sogtig breathing practice for training in Dharmakaya Chudlen and another of the Tsalungs, called Tiglé Khajor.

We shall do them in the way Rinpoche taught them in Argentina in 2010 and also in Tenerife in February 2013. The Tsalung methods are different from how we did them before, because Rinpoche received clarifications from Jñanadhakini Sukhasiddhi shortly before that retreat.


Nina Robinson was born in England in February 1937. She has done many different kinds of work, including raising a family, making ceramics and teaching it. After briefly following various Buddhist teachers she met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1980 and attended the teachings he gave in a camping retreat in northern Italy. She was very fortunately able to follow many of his teaching and practice retreats from that time until the present day. She moved to Italy in 1986 and has lived near Merigar since then. She was secretary of Merigar for 7 years. She has also helped in the transcribing, translating and editing of many books of Shang Shung Editions. In 2002 the Merigar Gakyil asked Rinpoche who should lead the Easter retreat of Mandarava practice. He said that Nina could do it. Since then she has been invited to lead retreats in many parts of the world.


Marc van Westreenen received his first teachings in body and energy cultivation from the Chinese tradition. Coming from a background of practising Chinese internal martial arts and teaching Qigong, he took interest in the practise
of Yantra Yoga. He started practising Yantra Yoga in 2006, the year het met Norbu Rinpoche and was authorised to teach in 2010. Marc is giving courses in the Netherlands, and is leading an ongoing weekly practise of Yantra in
Amstedam since 2008.



9:00 Yantra Yoga
10.00-12.00: brief introduction and information about the retreat followed by a short practice.
15:30: Long Life Practice and Chudlen of Mandarva with explanations

18.00: Yantra Yoga or Vajra Dance
02. and 03.05. 2014:

9.00: Yantra Yoga
10.00: Explanation and practice of Long Life and Chudlen or Tsalungs of Mandarava
15.30: Long Life Practice and Tsalungs of Mandarava with explanations
18.00: Yantra Yoga or Vajra Dance

9.00: Yantra Yoga
10.00: Explanation and practice of Long Life and Tsalungs of Mandarava
15.30: Mandarava Ganapuja explanation and practice including Vajra Dance
18.00: Yantra Yoga

Course requirement: only for members of the Dzogchen Community with transmission; not necessary to have participated to the previous Mandarava retreat.


Early bird discount for payment before 15 April 2014 as follows:

Ordinary members: 101 Euro, thereafter 126 Euro

Reduced members: 63 Euro, thereafter 79 Euro

Sustaining members: 25 Euro, thereafter 31 Euro

Resignation fee:

In case of cancellation beginning from the 14th day before the course start
30 Euro administration fee will be charged. The sustainers payment will be kept.


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