Let’s get them to school

In October we set ourselves an ambitious goal: Get 500 Tibetan nomad girls to school by the end of the year.


By December 31, we were able to secure places for 304 girls at school.


Your help, support and enthusiasm for this campaign have been very strong and are proof that you also feel the urgent need to give young Tibetan women the opportunity to grow up studying and to become “advocates of peace and development” in their families and in their communities


We are determined to achieve our goal and that is why we have decided to postpone the closing date of the campaignThere are still 196 girls in our schools in Amdo who need your support to continue their studies. It is essential at this time of great difficulty for Tibet to enable nomadic girls to study in schools that maintain their culture and their traditions.


The new deadline is Losar, the Tibetan New Year, which starts on February 11.


Let’s get them all to school!


What you can do:

1)    Support a nomadic Tibetan girl.
With 25 euros per month you will be able to support a girl and accompany her in her studies (the minimum commitment required is 3 years)
Begin a long-distance support now 

2)    Give a long-distance support as a present or create a group of “long-distance parents” and support a girl:
You can make a very special gift to a person dear to you, remember that you can share the amount with other people (the minimum commitment required is 3 years)
Begin a long-distance support now 

3)    donate for the Golok school 
The school built by ASIA back in 2004 responds to the need to assure the girls their right to study. Before the school was built, this area had a rate of female illiteracy that reached a peak of 75% – there was no scholastic institute that could be attended by girls. The very harsh weather conditions: the cold, the strong rains, the grip of snow (winter temperatures reach 40 degrees below zero) and the ever growing demand for enrolment led to the inevitable need of an intervention by ASIA. The project involves the construction of a new canteen and a kitchen, new dormitories and the renovation of the already existing buildings for a total of over 2 000 square metres of school property to be renovated or built. The most urgent works include the construction of a new cafeteria and new kitchens that require 122 thousand euro.


You can donate by:

Credit card on our website:

Bank transfer in the name of ASIA Onlus,

IBAN: IT 27 M 01 030 72 160 000 000 389 350



4)    Share, Share, Share!
Join our Facebook page and share our appeals.
Send this email to all your contacts.

Thanks to all of you for the collaboration.

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