We would like to invite you to participate in the lottery in support of the Dance Competition which will be held in the Tashigar South (Argentina) on March 30, 2013.


It is the second round of the Merigar Under Stars Competition which was launched successfully in September last year.

According to Rinpoche’s idea such competitions will be held annually. Their purpose is to provide us yet another wonderful opportunity for collaboration, opportunity to go beyond not only our cultural and language barriers but also limitations of our daily life. Each of us can support this project – with creative ideas and their realization, as well as organizationally and financially.


During the lottery 50 tickets of the fire element (20 Eur), 50 tickets of of the air element (15 Eur) and 150 tickets of the water, earth, spaceelements (5 Eur)  will be raffled. You can buy any amount of tickets.


This is the list of prizes which you can win:



Participation in this lottery is an opportunity for each of us to contribute to the realization of the Rinpoche’s idea. Raised funds will be used for paying flights of the Kunsangar South dance-team, the winner of the Merigar Under Stars Competition in September 2012.



You can choose your fortunate ticket following this link:




For payment you can use the paypal system:


Addressee:                        Mikhail Ovchinnikov


In order to get banking details for payment or to ask a question please write:



Thank you for cooperation!

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