Intensive 108 Chöd retreat in Dejamling, France


This year again in collaboration withthe french gakyil we are organizing 

an intensive Chöd retreat in Dejamling, south France.
The retreat will take place from August 16th until august 25th. We will start on the 16th, Padmasambhava day, in the evening and finish on the 25th, after lunch.

We will do 108 Chöds in these 10 days of intensive practice retreat. Even though the rhythm will be quite intense, the participants are not obliged to attend all sessions. For those for whom the rhythm is too intense, there will be the possibility to practice the Dance of the Vajra, Longde, or other practices and enjoy the beautiful nature of Dejamling.

The retreat is open to beginners as well, as there will be the possibility to learn well different aspects of the practice and to apply this knowledge directly in a group.
It is necessary, however, to have received Direct Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, as well as the transmission of lung (sound transmission) of the practice. 
For those who are not familiar with the practice:Chöd is a method combining the essences of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen. It corresponds perfectly to the behavior of a Dzogchen practitioner and has many benefits. It has been taught first by the female master Machig Labdrön and the practice comes from her direct experience. Chöd is practiced in a non-sectarian way in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and many lineages exist. The principle of Chöd is however always the same. Having recognized the ego and “demons” that manifest from it as the origin of all suffering, the goal is to actively cut it at the root. As both Samsara and Nirvana manifest from the same root, once the ego is eliminated, realization manifests spontaneously. This is achieved by selflessly offering ones existence to “demons”, internal and external, and to all sentient beings without limitation.

The principle is simple, but the practice itself is rather complex and learning the melodies, using the instruments and visualizations is not an easy task. During this retreat we will have the opportunity to learn all this and to apply Chöd with other practitioners.

We have recently received “the Great Laughter of Dakinis” and a Chöd Ganapuja combined with the Guruyoga of Machig Labdrön. We will also have the possibility to study and practice these together, for those who are interested.


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