Green Tara Retreat

The Practice of Green Tara

with Jakob Winkler in Dargyäling, Cologne,

26th – 28th of June, 2015


C3959FAC-6D8B-4952-BC57-2555D89A84CC The Practice of the Green Tara

 Tara embodies compassion, energy and the wisdom of all enlightened beings. She is seen as the mother of all buddhas and she is the personification of the completeness of wisdom – prajnaparamita.

As manifestation of the pure state of the air-element the Green Tara is praised for her ability, to help really fast and grant salvation in case of emergency.

In the Dzogchen teachings the main practise consists of the non-dual comtemplation itself as also in practices, that lead to contemplation. From this point of view the practice of the Green Tara is a secondary practice that helps us to eliminate obstacles on the way to contemplation, to create beneficial circumstances and helps us to develop our abilities. This also envelopes the fullfillment of worldly wishes and needs.

The Green Tara Practice taught by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as a Terma traces back to Adzom Drugpa and combines the approach of Yogatantra and Anuyoga in itself.

Within the retreat the different phases of the Tara practice are particularly discussed, explained and practiced together. To do it in a profound way we look at the background of the Tara Practice in general as well as to the functional principle of tantric practice.

About the teacher:

Jakob Winkler has been studying and practicing buddhism since the mid-eighties. 1989 he met his main teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. In 2002 he was authorized by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to teach the study- and practice program of the Dzogchen Community „Santa Maha Sangha“. Jakob Winkler holds an M.A. in the field of Tibetology, History of Indian Arts and Social Anthropology, he studied in Munich and Vienna. He works as an editor and proofreader for Buddhist publications, instructor for the „Santa Maha Sangha“ system, as tibetologist and translator. Today he lives with his family in Bonn.

Precondition for participation:

To participate in the retreat it is necessary to have either received the lung transmission of Chögyal NamkhaiNorbu in the past or to receive in the future, what is possible very easy by taking part in the Open Web Cast of the Dzogchen Community during the reatreats of Rinpoche.


With Payment receipt until 5th of June 2015 you can hold the earlybooking deal, thereafter the regular prices. The application will be valid upon receipt of the retreatfee.

Non-members: 104,00 €, thereafter 131 €.

Regular members: 84,00€, thereafter 104,00 €.

Sustaining members: 21,00 €, thereafter 26,00 €.

Members with financial straits please write to Ilka Müller-Mennrich!!!


In case of resignation within 14 days before start of the retreat

a charge of 30 € will be raised.



Spielmannsgasse 14

50678 Köln

Time scedule:

…will be announced later.

Information and registration:

Essential for the registration is the deposit on the following account:

Dzogchen Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V.

Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf:

Kto-Nr.: 110 478 91

BLZ.: 300 50 110

When you transfer the fee please indicate the following purpose “PK/2015/06/Köln” and the date.

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