Global Vajra Dance Day

Dear Sangha,
Our 1st established Global Vajra dance day is the Anniversary of Ayu Khandro.
This Year it will be  the 7th of March 2013.
We can do as followed:
1. According to the circumstances of each Location, Gar, Ling, individuals  we can meet on the Mandala and practice the Vajra Dance of our choice and knowledge together, including the Vajra Dance of Space Khalong Dorjei Kar.
We can enjoy the Day or morning or only evening together in collective practice if possible, knowing that worldwide during this Day our Sangha is connecting in this intention.
The Time we choose is free according to our circumstances.  This are also the days where we wear the Vajra Dance Costume.
2.  As well, either collectively, but also individually, for example in case we find ourselves alone at home :-), in any case free
we can connect… in global collective practice together at precise times practicing and integrating in that moment the Dance of Khalong Dorjei Kar.
In case someone missed the news:  Our Feet are all the time natural way, we don’t point the feet inward.  The position of Feet is all time like in the Vajra Dance.
Authorized Instructors can explain and coordinate if necessary.  Otherwise you find on the webcast website/restricted Files section, a video explanation to refresh memory.
and if one does not know or cannot do physically, also being in the state of Guru Yoga of white A and if possible integrating with the Song of Vajra, we connect in the real sense.
For this possible TUN’s we can meet with this Timetable – MERIGAR WEST time:   We choose 6 different possible Times to cover best possible for everyone around the Globe.
For Australia for example its 10 hours ahead…For Asia ca. 7 hours ahead…USA west coast its 9 hours back…you check.
5am  –  8am  –  10 am  –  15 pm  –  19 pm –  23 pm   (Merigar West Time) 
Hopefully this way for everyone it is possible also to do one, two or more Tuns during this precise Times together.
There is no obligation to do every TUN.  The Field of Intention is spun and connects us by any means and we dedicate for Global Peace and Awareness, integrating in the real sense of the Teachings.
Compassion is the unique strongest Force in the Universe 🙂
***Long Life for our Master***
We Enjoy!
Prima Mai 
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