DREAM YOGA-Lucid Dreaming in Tibetan Buddhism

DREAM YOGA–Lucid Dreaming in Tibetan Buddhism

Extending Awareness into the Dream State-A practice weekend with Dr.Michael Katz

Evening Lecture at Rudramandir Thursday August 22  7-9 PM
830 Bancroft Way in the Lotus Room Berkeley, California 94710

Suggested donation $15

Weekend Workshop August 23-25th 2013

Friday 7:00-9 PM, Saturday/Sunday 9AM-12 PM, 1:30-4:30
Info and registration: www.dzogchencommmunitywest.org
register@dzogchencommunitywest.org | 510-644-2260

Course Fee: $185


Mail a $185 Check to:

Dzogchen Community West
2748 Adeline St, Suite D
Berkeley, CA  94703
Write: Dream Yoga, in the check comment field.

LOCATION: Dondrubling Center:2748 Adeline Street, Suite D Berkeley CA 94703

Michael Katz is a psychologist, former Yantra Yoga instructor, author, artist and long time student of contemporary masters of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. He is the author of  the book “Tibetan Dream Yoga – The Royal Road to Enlightenment” and he maintains an  archive of lucid dreams. He has also authored the introduction and edited the book Dream yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Partial Course Content:


  • Meditation and guided induction for lucid dreaming (a guided nap)
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Psycho-drama techniques to dramatize some of the dream material.
  • Individual and potentially partner exercises.
  • Skills and practices for cultivating Lucid Dreaming.
  • Skills to reduce unhealthy attachments
  • Exercises to develop awareness within the dream and sleep states.
  • Training, transforming, dissolving, disordering, stabilizing, essentializing, holding, and reversing dreams.
  • Methods for transference of consciousness at the time of death,
  • Differentiate between lucid dreaming and clear light meditation practices.
  • According to the masters, progress in the practices of dream yoga and the Dzogchen practice of natural light will allow us to realize a form of enlightenment as we become lucid and aware during the moments of sleep.


Questions about the Event?
510.644.2260 voice mail

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