Course of Kumbhaka and 7th Lojong in France, Dejamling

31st Octobre to 3th Novembre 2013


Guided by Zhenya Rud, 2nd level instructor of Yantra Yoga



This course will clarify the practice of Kumbhaka by following the applications on the three parts of the 7th Lojong. We will pay attention to the subtle level of our existence and learn how to guide our energy in our channels. Also we will develop our capacity of the Rhythmic breathing.


The course is open to all members of the international Dzogchen Community no matter which practice experience or level of physical preparation.


This Kumbhaka course will be a good preparation for body, speech and mind for the retreat of the practice of Dark Garuda, which will take place in continuation during the following 8 days. During the transformation and mantra recitation it will be possible to apply the experience of Barlung.



The course starts on Thursday 31st October, 6 pm and ends on Sunday 3th November, around 2 pm.

The collective Garuda retreat follows from the 4th November until the 11th November.


Dejamling is one hour away from Montpellier international airport. It has a comfortable dormitory. We will cook collectively.


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All informations about Dejamling you can find following this link:


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