Course Dance Song of Vajra

held by Maurizio Mingotti

For the next few months, starting from March, Zhenphenling has planned a course of Dance Song of the Vajra in several weekends.

The Dance of the Song of the Vajra Dance is practiced in the more complex Dzogchen Community: the Song of the Vajra each syllable corresponds to a different step. For this reason, the courses are usually divided into several parts, as the learning therefore requires a considerable effort in terms of time and concentration.

Zhenphenling has organized a course in several weekends to help practitioners who can learn the dance in “portions” smaller and therefore easier to store, and practice “consolidating” what has been learned from an appointment to another. In several sessions there will also be updates on the steps and movements of the dance of the Song of the Vajra.


For years not organized in Rome a Bachelor of Dance Song of the Vajra. Anyone interested is invited to seize the opportunity booking himself with an email!

The appointments are as follows:

– 23/24 March

– 4/5 May

– 25/26 May

– 29/30 June


Times, both Saturday and Sunday:

from 10 to 13 and

from 15.30 to 18.30

The cost for the weekend:

– 60 euro for ordinary members

– 20 € for members supporters

– 40 € for members reduced


Ass Dzogchen Community

Via G. Miani 5-00154 Rome
tel. 06 57300346 Fax 06 86905885
Mobile. 334 5885824



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