Collective Purification Retreat – Deajmling, southern France

The international Dzogchen community of Dejamling is happy to invite you to a collective Purification Retreat combining the Practice of

Ati Lamgyi Ngondro, Yantra Yoga

And the Dance of the Vajra that benefits all Beings

10th to 14th of July In Deajmling, southern France.


Retreat guided by Sandor Dani ( instructor of Vajra dance)

and Stella Rungen (instructor of Yantra Yoga)


Inscriptions and informations:


The state of Dzogchen, naturally accomplished, may stay hidden due to obscuration created by our Karma. Even after having known, thanks to the connection of the masters transmission, our state of Rigpa, we fall again and again into dualistic vision due to Karmic traces.


In this retreat we will apply different practices, in order to purify our aspects of Body, Speech and Mind.


The Practice of Ati Lamgyi Ngondro is a Terma of Choegyal Namkhai Norbu. It combines the practice of Guru Vajrasattva with the inner Rushen practice for purigying the six lokas. It has been taught by Rinpoche in various occasions, just lately in Mai 2015 in Greece and will be the main subject of the retreat 5-7th June 2015 in Paris.


The Dance of the Vajra that liberates beings into the six pure dimensions has the power to liberate the accumulated primary causes of the wheel of spheres of existence. Moreover it is a mean to integrate our movements in the state of contemplation.


The Practice of Yantra Yoga serves to purify the conditions of the charkas channels and the constitution of the Prana energy of the body, in order to wipe away obstacles to our practice and maintain us in perfect health.


There will be 4 practice sessions a day. The retreat is open to practitioners who have received transmission of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. We will start on Friday 10th July in the early morning and will end on the 14th in the afternoon.


Price is:  your donation.


Dejamling is joinable from Montpellier.

It has a comfortable Dormitory (8 euros/ night)

You can also do camping in your own tent. ( 5 euros/ night)

We will share cooking.

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