Accumulation of ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa for Wangdenling

Dear Vajra family,


in order to support construction and development of Wangdenling, the Slovak Dzogchen community is accumulating Ganapujas of Jigme Lingpa.

We would like to invite you, our vajra brothers and sisters from all over the world to join us in this endeavour.  The idea behind this is to accumulate

merits and remove obstacles for the completion of our common project – Wangdenling. The goal number is 108,000 ganapujas.


The conditions of participation in this project are the following:

– During the practice of ganapuja, repeat ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa with the clear understanding of the meaning of the text and the presence of visualisation.

– Count the repetitions of this ganapuja (for example with the mala).

– At the end of the practice dedicate the merit for the successfull completion of gompa in Wangdenling and all the related projects.


You can follow and register your accumulations on the oline counter at:


Thank you very much for joining and sharing you merit with Wangdenling


with love your Slovak dzogchen community.

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