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July 31-August 2, 2015

Akar Lamai Naljyor, The Guru Yoga of the White A

Teachings schedule:

Friday, 31th of July
– 5 -7 pm – Teachings session
– 7 – 8.30 pm – Khaita – our practice of being present when singing and dancing.

Saturday, 1st of August
– 10 -12 am – Teachings session
– 5 – 7 pm – Teachings session
– 7 – 8.30 pm – Khaita – our practice of being present when singing and dancing.

Sunday, 2nd of August
– 10 -12 am Teachings session
– 12.30 – Short Ganapuja for the end of the retreat.

There will be common practice and presentation of Yantra Yoga nad Vajra Dance and explanation of the Ganapuja practice.

The program can change. Please follow us on www.dzogczen.pl and FB.

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On 31st July – 2 August 2015 Poland will be blessed with a joyful event – Rinpoche’s visit to Warsaw. This is going to be the first visit of Rinpoche in our country after 17 years!
Our dream is to make Rinpoche’s teachings available to as many participants as possible, regardless of their financial situation. That is why we intend to organize this retreat according to the principle of Generosity as envisioned by our Master.
We are still looking for sponsors, that is why we are turning to you – our international dzogchen family – with an opportunity to participate in the sponsorship of this retreat.
Our budget is c.a. 60,000 PLN, which gives around 14,000 EUR. Our goal is to gather all that sum in the sponsorhip in oder to respect the Generosity principle.
Monika Walczak the PM of the retreat will be in touch with everyone who decides to support the retreat as a Sponsor, to ensure that all the expenses are in accordance with the budget plan and every change in the budget that may emerge is a result of necessity. We take to heart our Master’s advice regarding spending money only on most necessary things.
Please find below details relating to our bank account in EUR:
IBAN: PL 34 1140 2004 0000 3812 0369 8743
Bank name: mBank S.A. formerly BRE BANK S.A.
LODZ, al. Piłsudskiego 3, 90-368 Łódź
SORT CODE – 11402004

or pay via Paypal:  payments@dzogczen.pl

Thank you in advance for your support! We are looking forward to hosting you in Warsaw during this fortunate event.


Together we can make this happen!

With best wishes and gratitude,
Many Tashi Delegs,

PM and Gakyil of the Polish Dzogchen Community

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The dates of the retreat: 31st July – 2 August 2015
Place : 
Warsaw, Hala Kolo (Sport Hall “Kolo”), 60 Obozowa Street 
Project Manager – Monika Walczak
mail: walczak.monika@gmail.com, tel. +48 793 301 397
Karma Yoga Koordinator – Piotr Marcik mail: piotr.marcik@gmail.com, tel. +48 602 757 467

Contact to Polish Community:


Facebook : http://is.gd/ChNN2015


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