World Wide Transmission of Guru Yoga

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Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche –  26 July 2015

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There are three days each year when the practitioners of the international Dzogchen Community practice Guru Yoga together simultaneously and receive transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. These days are the anniversaries of the main Masters of the Lineage of Dzogchen Teachings. It is important to understand the meaning of transmission and how the practices work. An information and explanation evening is held with experienced practitioners to learn the practice so that one is able to participate in the transmission method that Chögyal Namkhai Norbu is making available for those who are interested in the Dzogchen Teachings.

  • 1st (of Garab Dorje) 15 days after Losar – at 1st full moon
  • 2nd (of Guru Padmasabhava) 10th day of 6th tibetan month
  • 3rd (of Adzom Drugpa) 25th day (Dakini day) of 9th month

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 ”When we are doing this practice together we are unifying in the same state, that famous state in Dzogchen teaching called the primordial state…. that means teacher and students are all in that moment in the primordial state, so in this way there is a possibility to transmit. For transmission there is no distance, if you are far or near it doesn’t matter because knowledge of transmission is beyond time and distance. So for this reason we can use this method. 

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Next World Wide Transmission of Guru Yoga by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on the
Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa – Friday 6 November 2015. (Dakini Day)


Saturday July 25, 2015

17.00 (-10)     Hawaii
19.00 (-8)       Fairbanks
20.00 (-7)       San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver
21.00 (-6)       Denver, Salt Lake City, Pagosa Springs, Edmonton
22.00 (-5)       Lima, Quito, Chicago, Mexico City
22.30 (-4.30)  Caracas, Isla Margarita
23.00 (-4)       San Juan, Santiago, New York, Conway, Montreal, Atlanta, Detroit,                              Havana, Kingston, Indianapolis, Ottawa
00.00 (-3)       Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bermuda

Sunday July 26, 2015

03.00 (0)       GMT
04.00 (+1)      London, Dublin, Lisbon, Tenerife
05.00 (+2)      Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels,                       Geneva, Prague, Salzburg, Stockholm, Budapest, Vienna, Warsaw,                             Johannesburg
06.00 (+3)      Helsinki, Athens, Ankara, Beirut, Jerusalem, Vilnius
07.00 (+4)      Moscow, Murmansk, Baghdad
08.00 (+5)      ODDIYANA, Islamabad
08.30 (+5.30)  Delhi, Bombay
08.45 (+5.45)  Kathmandu
09.00 (+6)      Dhaka
09.30 (+6.30)  Rangoon
10.00 (+7)      Bangkok, Jakarta, Saigon
11.00 (+8)      Singapore, Beijing, Lhasa, Manila, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei,                          Perth
12.00 (+9)      Tokyo, Seoul
12.30 (+9.30) Darwin, Adelaide
13.00 (+10)    Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
14.00 (+11)     Vladivostock
15.00 (+12)     Fiji, Wellington, Auckland, Kamchatka


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