Guru Dragphur global chain

Dear Vajra Family,

On 28th November from 0:00 h. to 24:00 h. GMT+0 will take place the next Guru Dragphur practice Global Chain during 24 hours.

We will do this practice with the intention to pacify and control so many negativities that continuously arise in our planet. We need to focus our energy from all possible points of the world to promote peace permeate all our external dimensions

The practice of Guru Dragphur is a gift from the heart of Rinpoche to his students. Besides this, Guru Dragphur has the potentiality to control all negative energies and eliminate all obstacles and at the same time develop clarity.

Essentially, it is also a Guruyoga practice through which we can discover and overcome all doubts so that we can be without interruption in our real enlightened state.

Let’s make our world vibrate during 24 hours reciting this powerful mantra! 

Please, when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0. In this link, you can see a map with the time zones of the world:(

Do you want to participate?

1. Register by filling the following questionnaire,

2. Each practitioner -or group- will do a SHORT TUN, which should last 1 hour. In order not to break the chain, it is necessary to start 15 minutes before the established starting time and do dedications AFTER the 1hour mantra practice.

Another option is to integrate one hour of recitation in your SHORT or MEDIUM GANAPUJA. Check well your time in order not to break the chain.

May this practice fill all the space and dissolve all obstacles into emptiness.


Long life to the Master!

Practicing Together Team

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