“An Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation”

Dear vajra brothers and sisters,


We, the Israeli Dzogchen Community, welcome you to join us for a practice retreat by the Red Sea under the guidance of Igor Berkhin, SMS Instructor Level II.


The topic for the retreat is: “An Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation”, and it will take place at a beach resort in Sinai, Egypt between January 18th and 25th, 2019 – a really precious opportunity to dive into this essential practice in a spacious and beautiful environment.


The retreat is intended for those who received a direct introduction
from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.


The estimated cost of participation is between about 200 and 350 euros for the whole week, depending on your choice of accommodation and meals.


If you are interested to join us, please register using this form.

You may also contact us with questions at gakyil.israel@gmail.com


Below you can read a more detailed description of the retreat.


An Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation

A retreat by the Red Sea, Sinai, Egypt

In Dzogchen practice, the crucial point is the transit from meditation that involves mind to contemplation beyond ordinary mind. It is related to the principle of “no-effort” or relaxation. Applying methods of shine, semdzins, and rushens, we can discover how to relax into one’s natural state going beyond ordinary mental activity.


The retreat will include explanations of the typical deviations and obstacles related to the meditation of Dzogchen-Atiyoga, collective and individual practice sessions both indoors and in the open air. Provided Yantra Yoga instructors participate in the retreat, there will also be sessions on YY and breathing.

Recommended reading of books by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu:
– The Precious Vase (view and meditation of Atiyoga)
– An Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation
– Shine and Lhagtong
– Lojongs, Rushens, and Semdzins
– 21 Semdzin of Dzogchen Upadesha
– The Supreme Source
– Talks in Conway



Warm wishes from us in the Middle East! :)


Tali, blue gakyil



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