Nankha means space, space is the basis of all the elements. Without the basis of space, none of the manifestations of the other elements would exist. The real condition of everything is emptiness.
Although space is empty anything can appear in its dimension. What appears in particular? The four elements. Everything, all phenomena, all of the relate conditions can manifest through the four elements. Good and bad, and therefore, the conflicts from which infinite problems arise, exist in the relative condition. If one can harmonize the conflicts, the problems can also be easily overcome. But the only solution to succeed in overcoming problems and to harmonize our condition is to rediscover our real identity, which is Namka, Space.
The method of Namkha has existed since remote times: it was already known in the Bon tradition at the time of the master Shenrab Miwoche, but it is very probable that its origin is even more ancient.
Knowledge of the way to harmonize and reinforce energy for the benefit of the whole population was very vital in the ancient Bon tradition. Therefore in Tibet this ancient tradition has not been totally lost, but has been adapted to the times. So this Knowledge has been handed down in a very concrete, vital way and because of this today we are able to Know what the true function of Namkha is.
In fact Namkha is very important because it represents all of the elements related to the existence of the individual and in general has a very protective function.

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