1st level Teacher Training Merigar 2-10 August

Teacher Training courses are part of the process of becoming a Yantra Yoga instructor.
This is the only First Level Teacher Training that Fabio and Laura will be conducting in 2016.
We invite all practitioners who intend to become Yantra Yoga instructors to participate in this course, as well as practitioners who want to deepen their practice of Yantra Yoga and instructors interested in refreshing and updating their knowledge.
Participants should have a solid understanding of the preliminaries and the first two series of Yantra Yoga.To register, please send an email to courses@shangshungfoundation.org.
IMPORTANT: You will receive an email confirming acceptance for the course.Course fee: 320 euros
Discounts (50%) are offered only for First and Second Level Yantra Yoga instructors.
For additional information, please contact Salvatore office@dzogchen.it.


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