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The Nagas, which comprise one of the Eight Classes, while dominating the water element are also associated with the earth. Since the Nagas often create many problems for us, with this practice we can enter into contact with them and solve the problems.

thepracticeforthenagaPractice for the Nagas should be done on specific days. In fact, on favorable days the Nagas enjoy having contact with us, while on unfavorable days they become nervous. The Tibetan calendar always specifies the positive, negative and neutral days with respect to the Nagas […]

From the book of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, The Practice for the Naga – Shang Shung Edizioni



The word Naga comes from the Sanskrit, and nag is still the word for snake, especially the cobra, in most of the languages of India.
It is a term used for unseen beings associated with water and fluid energy, and also with persons having powerful animal-like qualities or conversely, an impressive animal with human qualities.

As a category of nature spirit, Nagas [kLu] are a class of beings (often snake-like in form) that dwell in a variety of locations ranging from waterways and underground locations and also in unseen realms. These beings have their own perceptions and vary in their enlightened level as do humans and other beings. Nagas are susceptible to suffering created by mankind’s carelessness and basic ignorance of proper conduct in nature and disrespectful actions in relation to our environment. Therefore Nagas often retaliate towards humans when they behave in such ignorant manners. The expression of the Nagas’ discontent and agitation can be felt as skin diseases, various calamities and so forth.

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