Yantra Yoga retreat in Kunselling, Wales (UK)

Constitutional and present health condition focused approach to Practicing Yantra Yoga and Pranayamas


the May Bank Holiday Yantra Yoga Retreat at Kunselling!

Taught by John Renshaw – 2-6 May 2015 @ Kunselling, Wales


The aim of this course is to identify the individuals’ unique capacity i.e. strength’s and limitations of the students and how they can be supported to develop & progress with Yantra yoga and yoga in general.

It has become increasingly clear from teaching Yantra Yoga that many students in the beginning of their practice, would benefit from identifying and trying to help balance their condition, and in yoga initially this means using a more therapeutic focus on their physical body and the pranic balance related to breathing, energy and emotions. This may include a wide range of issues like old injuries, tight stiff muscles, weak deficient muscles, imbalances and more subtle issues relating more with the emotions and blockages of the channels and prana etc, we all come to the mat with our unique mix of elements with their corresponding body, speech and mind characteristics.

Rinpoche frequently explains that we should make appropriate adjustment or modify our practices according to our 5 elements and 3 humors. Within the Yantra system there is this knowledge based on Tibetan medicine and Buddhism but it may not be so easy to understand or apply.

During the course I will share from my experience of practicing Chinese Medicine, and my understanding of the different oriental healing systems,western medicine and neuroscience, especially focusing on how yoga and pranayama can influence our body, mind and energy.

The course will lead to a full practice of Yantra Yoga but other forms of yoga will also be used as a way of supporting the development of the postures and individual needs of the students.

When we practice Yantra it will be precise and clear, but also when we practice and learn from other yoga systems it will also be clear regarding the similarities and differences in principles and effects. The course is open to anyone who has some basic experience in Yantra yoga  meditation and contemplation. participants will need to have received transmission from Rinpoche.

There will be a course program sent out to everyone taking part including a diagnostic questionnaire. Ultimately it will be the participant’s needs and capacity that will also influence the focus of the course.


Full Retreat Costs (inclusive of accommodation and food):

Non-Member                      £260 (A=£100, F=£45, T=£120)
Ordinary                              £205 ( A=£60, F=£45, T=£100)
Kunselling Package          £175  ( A=£50, F=45, T=£80)
Sustaining                           £105  ( A=£40, F=£45, T=£20)
Meritorious                          £70    ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£0)

Camping rates (limited places available):

Non-Member                      £190 (A=£25, F=£45, T=£120)
Ordinary                              £170 ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£100)
Kunselling Package          £150  ( A=25, F=45, T=£80)
Sustaining                           £90  ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£20)
Meritorious                          £70    ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£0)

How to Book:


If you are in difficult financial circumstances and would like to participate, please contact in all confidence


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