Yantra Yoga month in the Netherlands

June, Yantra Yoga month in the Netherlands
It’s springtime in the Netherlands! Meaning sunshine alternating with wind and rain, hurray!
So much movement in the air and apparently good cause for Yantra Yoga in the Netherlands.
We are excited to inform you that Sahaj Wood is going to do his supervision of Level 1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sahaj was previously a resident of Australia and has been a member through Namgyalgar for a while and has followed several Yantra Yoga teacher training courses given by Laura Evangelisti and Fabio Andrico. Recently he settled in Amsterdam.
Further there are some open Yantra Yoga lessons plannend, given by Marc Westreenen and at the end of the month a Kumbhaka + 7th Lojong weekend course given by John Renshaw.
Exciting isn’t it?
Below you’ll find the Yantra Yoga activities for June:
June 5 to 7:
Supervision open course Yantra Yoga Sahaj Wood with Laura Evangelisti:
June 8:
Supervision closed course Yantra Yoga Sahaj Wood with Laura Evangelisti
June 14:
Yantra Yoga open lesson, 14:00 -17: 00 Marc van Westreenen to Grade Turd Ling
June 20th:
Yantra Yoga open lesson, 14:30 to 16:30 pm, during Solstice celebration at NEMO / Rangdrolling
More info later.
June 27 to 28:
Kumbhaka + 7th Lojong course with John Renshaw, Yoga Space in Amsterdam.
Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@dzogchen.nl or call Vera Taihuttu  on 0031629274107.
So see you in Amsterdam for some Yantra Yoga then?
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