Yantra Yoga holidays in Susak, Croatia

Yantra Yoga holidays in Susak



The Croatian island Susak is known for its sandy beaches, clean sea and pure air. This wholesome piece of land, sea and sky, with no cars or other noisy distractions, is ideal to cultivate and deepen the understanding of Yantra Yoga.


Beginners will learn a thorough foundation of Yantra Yoga. With this training they will be able to practice sessions of Yantra on their own and to integrate the basic principles of this profound path into daily life.


The advanced course will build on this basis. The participants will deepen their knowledge of the basic movements and learn new ones according to their capacities. A focus of the advanced course will be on the Pranayamas, or breathing practices.


Besides the daily Yantra sessions there will be enough time to enjoy the island and to relax.


Instructor: Jan (Honza) Dolensky

Honza practices Yantra Yoga since 2001 and has been authorized by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to teach the first and second level of Yantra Yoga. In his daily life he works as a Tibetologist and Therapist. He lives with his wife Elisha in Vienna, Austria.




Date: 6th to 11th September, 2015

Venue: Susak, Croatia

Who can participate: Beginners and experienced Yogis

What to bring: Yoga mat, Yoga clothing & swimsuit

Teaching schedule: 1 daily session for beginners and 1 daily session for advanced students

Cost: early bird bookings until the 1st of August: € 180,- After this date: € 220,-


Rooms: € 25,- per person in a double or € 20,- in a four person apartment. The rooms are in the immediate surroundings of the teaching venue. The apartments can be booked through the Dzogchen Community of Vienna, Austria. If you like to book a room, please write to wien@dzogchen.at and wire the money to the bank account at the end of the mail. There is only a limited number of rooms, please write soon, if you plan to come.


Travel directions: To Rijeka by flight, train, or car and then with the ferry to Susak. The journey to Susak is to be organized by the participants. The course starts on Sunday, September 6th, it is recommended to arrive on Saturday the 5th, or earlier.


Booking the room and the course: send us a mail to wien@dzogchen.at and a wire to the following bank account:


Dzogchen Gemeinschaft Wien / BAWAG PSK / IBAN: AT 056 000 000 510 049 438 / BIC: OPSKATWW


Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have doubts J

Tashi Deleg

The Gakyil of Samdrubling, Vienna

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