Yantra Yoga Course for beginners

with Jiri Mravec – Medved which will take place in Kunkyabling, Prague, Czech Republic from 27th till 29th November 2015.

Within the course we will learn the preliminaries and the basic series of Yantra Yoga:


Vairocana Posture

9 Purification Breathings

Tsigjong (Loosening the Joints)

Lungsang (or Eight Movements)

Vajra Wave

Jiri Mravec – Medved met his teacher Chogyal Namkhai Norbu in 1999. Since then he devotes himself in the practice of Yantra Yoga. In 2010 he was authorized by Rinpoche as First Level Yantra Yoga Instructor. 

Beside this he´s engaged in creating new cirque performances and audio-visual installation.

For other information as well as the registration form go here:


Don’t forget to breathe 🙂

Gakyil of Kunkyabling

International Dzogchen Community Kunkyabling
Czech Republic
Opletalova 35, Prague

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