Yantra Yoga and Pranayama – Dejamling, France

Welcome in Dejamling, south of France :

Course of Yantra Yoga and Pranayama

with Zhenya Rud

second level instructor of Yantra Yoga
22-25 may 2014




-clarifying the obstacles for progressing in the pranyama of the rhythmic breathing.

-the 7th Lojong.

-the breathing of Humkara (pranayama of the 3rd series).


Course content :

-the pranayama of the 2nd series (rythmique breathing) in order to develop the capacity of kumbakha.

-the basic yantras of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series and some of their variations in order to increase the capacity of the 5  types of holds.

-application of kumbhaka in the 7th Lojong and the breathing of Humkara (pranayama of the 3rd series).


This course is open for all members of the Dzogchen community who want to progress in their practice of pranayama.



Thursday 22 may, 9.30 am to Sunday 25.may,  4.00 pm.

2 sequences daily; from 9.30 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm, with breaks.


Inscription and information:


mail to dejamlingfr@gmail.com



Ordinary members 134 euros

Reduced members   84 euros

Sustain members     34 euros


Dejamling has a comfortable dormitory (8 euros/night), we will cook and eat collectively.

There is a transport connection from Montpellier; please join us for more information.




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