Worldwide Vajra Dance

The Anniversary of Guru Padmasabhava and Yeshe Tsogyal

On this special day we connect together in the transmission and practice worldwide the Dance of the Vajra.

When we are doing practice together at the same moment, it has a definite effect also globally and can harmonize our dimension and help world peace and evolution.

We can practice the Vajra Dance of the Three Vajras in its irregular form. The power of the mantra, OM A HUM, which is the essence of all mantras, refreshes and empowers the Transmission.

We can also dance all of the Vajra Dances, or practice the Vajra Dance of our choice according to our circumstances and knowledge, including the Vajra Dance of Space Khalong Dorjei Kar – especially when we cannot meet with our Vajra brothers and sisters on a mandala.

On this auspicious occasion we can wear the Vajra Dance Costume.

If someone does not know or cannot do the dance, then being in the state of Guru Yoga of white A and integrating with the singing of the Song of Vajra, we can connect in the real sense.

We dedicate our practice to the happiness of all beings, for global peace and awareness, individual and world evolution in the real sense of the Teachings.


We are free to choose the time for the practice according to our circumstances.

If we have the possibility, we can join the Dance at the following times and also beyond them, entering the chain of the collective intention:

August 6, 2014
6 am – 9 am – 12 pm – 3 pm – 6 pm – 9 pm – and continue through
August 7, 2014
12 am – 3 am
Merigar West time



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