Workshop Dream Yoga in Kiev

Kiev Dzogchen Community is happy to welcome Michael Katz with his long-expected workshop on Dream Yoga on June 19-21.


This unique workshop is intended to develop the capacity to dream lucidly, enhance creativity, promote self-exploration, and spiritual/ psychological growth through powerful techniques of dream yoga, guided induction, theater, and lucid dream work.


We will have 5 sessions – 3 of them will be open for everybody, you can invite your friends and relatives, anyone who is interested in lucid dreams. The last 2 sessions are only for those who has Dzogchen transmission – members of the Dzogchen Community or those who took commitment to join the Community as in this part is connected with the practice of the Natural Light.


Below you can find all necessary information about the workshop, but if you still have any questions please get in touch with us through the dedicated




June 19th , Friday

6 pm – 7 pm – registraton

7 pm – 9 pm – open session


June 20th , Saturday

10 am – 12.30 pm – open session

2.30 pm – 5 pm – open session



Business Centre CUBIC,  Panorama Hall, 6th floor. Kiev,  Sholudenko str. 3 (near Polytechnichniy Institute metro station)


June 21st, Sunday

10 am – 12.30 pm – closed session for Community members and people with Dzogchen transmition

2.30 pm – 5 pm – closed session for Community members and people with Dzogchen transmition




For Community members: EUR 50 or USD 55,- (for the complete workshop)

For general public: EUR 50 or USD 55,- (for the open part, 3 sessions)


To get bank details for payment please write to Anastasia Domanova,


What you should have with you:


Yoga mat, cushion and comfortable clothing, hand mirror, sunglasses, writing materials and something to sit on.


Information for non-locals:


If you come to this retreat from abroad and you need a place to stay please contact our coordinator  for lodging –  Slava Kirichenko, tel. –  +38 (067) 915 19 28,


About the instructor


Michael Katz, author of Tibetan Dream Yoga; the Royal Road to Enlightenment, editor of Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light, and author of The  White Dolphin is a psychologist who has lectured and led  workshops internationally on  dream yoga and lucidity for  personal growth. He has studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Reichian therapy, Gestalt, Embodied Dream Imagery and psychodrama and synthesized many of these influences into his lucidity workshops. He has practiced Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen meditation since 1977.


During the retreat you can buy one of Michael’s last books, published in English, costs EUR 15. If you would like to buy one, please let us know by e-mail below.



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