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The Bardo Instructions Sealed with the HŪM (Bar do’i gdams pa hum gi rgya can), received in dreams from 1984 to 2001, contains profound instructions on the various types of Bardos or intermediate states, in particular focusing on the crucial moment of the Bardo of the Dharmata.

One of the dreams relating to this upadesha is connected to Khyentse Rinpoche Chökyi Wangchuk (1910-1963), maternal uncle and one of the Author’s teachers.

Συνδεθείτε εδώ ζωντανά !!

The topics of the retreat are contained in the Longsal series, the heart of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teaching, particularly in Volume 7.


During the retreat: Chögyal Namkhai Norbu will open the first Cinerarium of the Dzogchen Community, a new building near the Gonpa.

The retreat will be held in the Merigar Gonpa, access is free.

Merigar West Retreat

“The Bardo Instructions Sealed with the HUM”
(Bar do’i gdams pa hum gi rgya can)

August 13th – 17th, 2015

Open webcast, GMT+2

Thursday 13 August
17.00/19.00 – TEACHINGS

Friday 14 August
10.00 /12.00 – TEACHINGS

17.00 Khaita Joyful Dances

Saturday 15 August
10.00 /12.00 – TEACHINGS

17.00 Khaita Joyful Dances

Sunday 16 August
10.00 /12.00 – TEACHINGS

17.00 – short GANAPUJA, following Khaita Joyful Dances

Monday 17 August
10.00 /12.00 – TEACHINGS

16:00 Presentation of the book by Gyalwa Yangonpa: Secret Map of the Body

17.00 Khaita Joyful Dances

For legal reasons you will only be required to register at the entrance. To avoid the queues you can also register online by filling out this form  compilare in Moduli Google.


To receive information on accommodation near Merigar see the page on our website http://www.dzogchen.it/accomodations/


For any information, please contact:

email: corsimerigar@dzogchen.it

tel.: 0564 966837

website: www.dzogchen.it


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